Winders and Kevlar Wire

Parcel Delivery!

Now I have arrived at what appear to be near-enough dimensions for my 40/30/20 linked dipole after another session at the sports field, I am ready to make the more ‘permanent’ version.

Lengths were determined using the analyser, with lots of trimming, and twisting together of wires when things ended up a bit too short. I lost count of how many times I raised and lowered my 8m pole in the process!

I placed an order to SOTA Beams back in my home country of the UK for two of their highly regarded winders (with a buy two get one free deal running throughout September) along with 25m of their ultralight DX Wire which is a small diameter (1.5mm O/D) wire with a Kevlar inner stranded core for strength. Even though only 1.5mm O/D, it has a breaking strain of 60kg!

I already have another 25m of super-heavy duty Kevlar reinforced wire, but it’d be too heavy for SOTA purposes, so I’m keeping that for a future (home) dipole project – perhaps an OCF variety.

20150915_142649 (Custom)
Three winders and 25m of DX Wire

For the link connectors, after a bit of consideration, I am going to go with 3.5mm dia Gold plated bullet connectors, commonly used in RC models. Extremely light weight, very easy to solder, and low contact resistance and impossible to oxidise or corrode. I obtained a pack of 10 cheaply from eBay.

3.5mm Gold plate Bullet Connectors

I’ll report back once the dipole is all complete. Since this will be the ‘final’ construction, a bit of dual wall heatshrink here and there will assist in its longevity.

Also, interestingly, the same day I ordered the parts from SOTA Beams in the UK, I also ordered a photography accessory from Sydney. Looking at the tracking information supplied, both packages were posted out the same day. The package from the UK 17,800+ km and an international plane ride or three away arrived today – just 6 days later – but the package from Sydney 40km away, I’m still waiting for! I could have walked there and back to collect it more quickly! Come on Australia Post – pull your finger out!